HAVVY is the Happy Vibes Collective. Havvy is a unique swimwear brand and we strive to create a lifestyle that is memorable and meaningful.

Havvy is about a life filled with Happy Vibes at every turn. We aspire to days filled with yoga bliss, surf trips and a fresh dip in the ocean. Coastal / island living, endless casual beach days and maintaining healthy mindsets inspire us. This, we feel is the ‘Havvy status quo’. We believe in freedom, adventure, exploring new destinations and inspiration from global influences. The world is our playground….it’s time to explore!

Co – founders Leigh Cattell and Kristine Leigh share a mutual passion for modern aesthetic, travel & adventure and a general love for filling their days with laughter. A thirst to explore and express their creativity through the kind of product and adventure – filled lifestyle they believe in led to a truly special partnership. Following the sun and ensuring happy vibes were at the heart of this new venture, a lifestyle brand was created. Havvy is a brand that speaks from the heart – one they live and breathe everyday. This is a brand that embodies a mutual passion for beach lifestyle and swim product.

A trip to Bali inspired the idea and clarified the very essence of the Havvy lifestyle. Years of retail experience (in buying and design respectively), a clear vision and excited hearts shaped a new brand and a new aesthetic. The intention: pure and holistic, to bring the lifestyle of sunshine days, happy vibes and beach living to life. The vision: to create the ‘Havvy Collective’ as a full lifestyle brand with accessories, product categories and events.


That sublime feeling created from a memory… a moment… a simple gesture… an adventure… or simply appreciating the beauty around us.

That feeling of tiny grains trickling through your toes as your feet sink into pillows of sand.

The soft crashing of waves onto a pristine white beach.

The salt water that tingles sun-kissed skin and forms natural locks.

The feeling of warmth as the sun caresses our entire being.

The fresh hit of watermelon juice in sweltering heat.

The discovery of secret coves, carved by rocky shorelines and majestic cliffs.

The allure of tropical landscapes and playful palm leaves that paint a backdrop in hues of emeralds and greens.

The shimmer of hope as light dances on a moonlit ocean surface.

Even sneaky massages on the beach as you watch the miracle of the sunset.

A soft breeze that subtly soothes and calms the soul.

The promise of journeys to beautiful destinations and lighter, healthier living. It is the envy of days filled with the centering yoga vibes and sipping water from coconuts.


As we take flight and enter new worlds, Havvy is the excitement of an immersion into a new culture. It is the unexpected, kind gesture of a new local friend and a return to humble beginnings. It is travelling the road less travelled to discover new marvels and pleasures around the corner.

Living presently day-by-day. It is the feeling that summer is here and all worries can melt away as you enter a dream-like state of boundless opportunity.

Havvy is the sound of a song that moves the soul. It is looking toward the horizon… the unknown… with a hint of hope of what dreams may come.

Havvy is pure and natural. It is the beauty in all that is summer.

Havvy is inspired by friendship and adventure. A Havvy life is filled with wanderlust and a fearless freedom to explore.

Havvy is the Happy Vibes Collective – the ultimate state of mind.


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